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Welcome to a world where creativity knows no limits. We are Mogo Studios, a company dedicated to crafting captivating stories through the magic of animation. Mogo Studios is Sri Lanka’s most extensive and No. 1 award-winning animation studio. Our team of visionaries, artists, and animators come together to bring characters to life and dreams to reality. Mogo studio is Sri Lanka’s first real-time, base feature-producing animation company and we own the world’s number one motion capture system, Vicon. Furthermore, it is a fully-fledged animation studio backed by Sri Lanka’s largest media powerhouse aiming to release its first movie in 2025.

Answer - Short

Answer Short” Takes Home the 2021 DIGICON 6 Regional Next Generation Award!

In a year filled with incredible talent and innovation in digital content creation, “Answer Short” emerged as the shining star, securing the prestigious 2021 DIGICON 6 Regional Next Generation Award. This accolade recognizes not only exceptional storytelling but also the promise of a bright future in the world of digital media.

“Riley and the Wooden Sword” is a heartwarming and inspiring tale that reminds us to embrace our creativity, believe in ourselves, and unlock the limitless possibilities that lie within our imagination. It celebrates the transformative power of friendship, self-belief, and the magic of animation. Brought to life by the amazing talent of four junior animators at Mogo Studios, has just been crowned with the DIGICON 6 Regional Gold Award in 2023.

Riley and the: Wooden Sword - Short

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